Late Prof. Dr. Hameeda Begum M.A.PhD

The Founder President Excel Charitable Trust establish in the 2016 was an educationist par excellence. The heights gained by institution bear testimony to her tireless efforts, indomitable will, and strong sense of commitment to her ideals and goals. Her cherished conviction is a treasured legacy which will always continue to inspire and guide us. The educational institutions are a humble tribute to perpetuate her quintessential

Her zeal, dedication and energy are a fountain of inspiration for others, motivating them towards collective efforts and improve its standing among the city’s leading college systems. Her passion and commitment has inspired the college staff and students in their continuing pursuit of excellence for long-term and influential careers.

Eng. Mohd. Moinuddin. M.Tech (Mech)

President obtained his master’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has served for 30 long years as the forerunner in implementing his vision to foster excellence in education. His aim is to enable college as the best educational institution with high standards. The establishment of these college has fulfilled his long cherished dream to serve the student community offering good education in both conventional and hi-tech disciplines with all the state-of-the-art facilities.

The efforts that the college has been relentlessly applying with the sole motto of offering high quality education through the years has helped in mentoring thousands of highly competent and motivated students to excel in respective fields and serve the society.


Eng. Mohd Abubaker Siddique. B.Tech (Mech)

Managing Director & Secretary obtained his bachelor’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering a young man fresh from his engineering. Eng. Mohd Abubaker Siddique, rather than looking for a career in Industry, ventured into establishing an educational institution that has blossomed into a full-fledgedCollege. “HAMEEDA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY”.

He has Chosen the way of Education for the development of college and providing quality education and add a necessary flavor to the life of the Youngsters Since then it is constantly progressing to make motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through the best use of modern technology. To develop young individuals who think, question and are curious through enquiry-based learning.